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Mr. Mankad joined the AMS Network with 11 years of outside experience. This is his second year with AMS. His background is in hospitality, business proprietorship, and management. He’s been educating for 4 years with an objective and subjective proven record of academic and behavioral success with his students. He has been involved in numerous staff development, educational modality, and psychology of student affairs trainings and seminars. Mr. Mankad worked as a retail worker, Xfinity salesman, Comfort Inn manager, community organizer, substitute teacher at all levels K-8, and full time Math/Science teacher for 4th, 7th, and 8th grades. Mr. Mankad strives for a data driven approach with special attention paid to relevant feedback. Emotional Intelligence is a large part of his curriculum. His end goal is to challenge/encourage students to grow and expand their horizons, while implementing a sense of good-will, pulling each other along, and “glorifying the work.” He wants his students to feel safe, confident, autonomous, informed, and in-charge of their academic careers/future. He was nominated for Suntec Concrete’s teacher of the year award in 2019-2020.
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